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Importance of plants, trees and forests

Facts about trees

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Sumarizing the benefits in short as follows:

  • Food and natural habitats.
  • About our environment, they provide stability.
  • Life won't exist for us without them
  • Value of trees is more than ecological balance

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List of trees

tree list Trees' importance can be found in almost all aspects of our lives. We have tree list that has differents types of trees to study

We are currently working on the content and we will if God is willing, cover all trees and their types

Eco friendliness

Eco friendly products are these products that don't harm the environment.

It is the responsibility of everyone to choose eco products and we are here proud to promote products that enable us to live in harmony with nature.

Remember the impact of deforestation

Bonsai tree

Bonsai trees is a Japanese art arrived to Japan from China. Bonsai tree needs lots of experience in order to achieve a miniature plants in pots.

They needs lots of care and know how to care for bonsai trees find out

This website

We have created this website to help anyone find information about trees and tree related researches. The site is still new and it is expanding fast. Please contact us if you have a feedback for us.

We are committed to the improvement of our services so please don't hesitate to let us know on how we can improve it.

Trees List

Trees are long-lived, reaching thousands of years in some cases. They are of utmost importance to the natural landscape as they perform a number of functions like sheltering the ecosystem ....

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Extra resources

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Classification of trees